Saturday, 28 July 2012

Some new gets from Japan~

Finally one of my packages from Japan had arrived and I was really happy with everything. Here are what I got:
MA*RS Hyobara(?) set~ dress & cardigan. Simple and cute.

Perfume bottle dress also from MA*RS. You can see that I'm really into MA*RS huh? I think this brand is glamarous but at the same time, not OTT like JD so I feel like I can wear it on a daily basis, although I know some people don't think Agejo in general is very convenient for daily wear but there are ways to wear it a bit more casual I think.

And my first Vivienne Westwood bag!!! <3 
It's made of real leather and I'm so in love with it. I've always wanted one and even though I know their jewellery isn't great at all quality wise, I can say that the quality of the bags are amazing so go for it if you want to get one! 
It's quite big so I can carry a lot of crap with me XD as you do!

Tag & awesome lining~

I like the little orb detail on the zippers~

I also got some extra gifts (lashes & rose candies) from the girl I'm buying from (a FB friend) 
That was very sweet. Thank you! <3 

I really want to get a matching wallet now that I have the bag XD 
I'm going to have a look in Arnotts next time I'm in Dublin and see what they have to offer.
Wish I was living in London though...

On another note, my "diet" didn't really go anywhere fuuuu~~
It was just so hard for me because (1)I'm really not a diet person. I love food wayyy too much and (2)I'm too impatient & just have no consistency or self discipline whatsoever "orz 
This time I'm going to try something different, a porridge diet. I realized I quite like porridge and if you're going on a diet, you might as well eat something you like rather than forcing horrible food down your throat. I will let you know how that goes in a while :P *fingers crossed*

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