Monday, 30 July 2012

Arcade Con 13th~15th July (Part 1)

On the Friday morning, I got up early and drove to the Bus Station to meet with my two other friends whom I was travelling/working and staying at the hotel with. We had breakfast at McDonalds while waiting for the bus to arrive. We took the 10am bus to Dublin, then another bus to where the venue (D-4 Hotel) was. I think we arrived at around 11:30am. Because it wasn't time to check in our hotel rooms yet, we were allowed into the trade hall and started setting up our tables/booth. We had 3 tables and 1 clothing rail to share between us. I took up like 2/3 of the space though because I had a lot more stock. It was really tiring to be honest, even though the money wasn't too bad by the end of the weekend. Packing & unpacking/setting up is the worst part here. I just wanted to throw it all away and go back to bed XD
Anyway we were sort of done within an hour...or two, so we went to check in and put our personal belongings into the hotel rooms. I cried my eyes out again while putting on my circle lenses in the bathroom ;~; I will never get used to lenses so I think I'm pretty much done with them after this. They're very bad for my eyes, and my eyesight is already quite bad.
We went back down because it was nearly time to start. We expected it to be very slow since it was only Friday, but I don't think it was too bad.

Too early for zombies...I was a zombie myself!!! (x __ x)

I really liked them, because I'm a Star Wars fan XD
After seeing their outfits, I kinda want to make one for myself but with some Steampunk/Lolita elements to it? I think it might work because of the colour scheme.

I haven't seen the new Batman movie yet! Have you?? I will probably go see it this week or next week if I can find someone to go with. Le bf wants to go with me but he's not here.
Foreveralone.jpg ;~;

Lady Loki~

With Mini Thor here. Too cute! <3

 I only took a few photos of the cosplays because I was mostly interested in the superheroes/movies ones really. 

Afterwards, we were trying to figure out where to go for food. We were gonna order Pizza but long story short, we ran out of time and were starving to death so we decided to just go out to find a closest place to get food. We found a chipper about 5 minutes walk away that was a little bit weird but the food was really nice. Or maybe we were just too hungry to care XD I got Taco fries and that's what I got for 3 days in a row so no wonder I gained like half a kilo (> n <;)
Apparently Taco fries is the Irish thing, as in you can only get it in Ireland??? Seriously, because it's the best thing EVER!!! While I was in Germany, I wanted to get it but Eric was like what the hell is that because he never heard of it before in his life and he was sure that they wouldn't have it in Germany. Boo hiss~ I really wanted my Taco fries...

We got food and went back to our hotel room. Oh yeah, a friend from Scotland came as well, and his friend from Cork. So there were 5 of us. Then it was time for the evening events "Night of the Living Cabret" with some drag queen shows, burlesque shows, live music & karaoke. Maybe I was really tired, I just couldn't focus so I went outside to the bar to have a drink with a friend. I got ripped off with €6 for one bottle of Smirnoff Ice. Jesus Christ! But it was a 4 stars hotel apparently so yeah should have known. Not to mention, I got ID'd as well and because I didn't expect it, it took me ages to find my age card! And the friend standing beside me was like 8 YEARS younger than me and the barman didn't say anything. (=__=") I guess it's a compliment that I still look 16/17...

After the drink, I went back inside to join with my group and we stayed until the end. Then I think we went to bed after that because it'll be a long day on Saturday. I passed out almost instantly!!

Part 2 tomorrow!!! ^^

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Some new gets from Japan~

Finally one of my packages from Japan had arrived and I was really happy with everything. Here are what I got:
MA*RS Hyobara(?) set~ dress & cardigan. Simple and cute.

Perfume bottle dress also from MA*RS. You can see that I'm really into MA*RS huh? I think this brand is glamarous but at the same time, not OTT like JD so I feel like I can wear it on a daily basis, although I know some people don't think Agejo in general is very convenient for daily wear but there are ways to wear it a bit more casual I think.

And my first Vivienne Westwood bag!!! <3 
It's made of real leather and I'm so in love with it. I've always wanted one and even though I know their jewellery isn't great at all quality wise, I can say that the quality of the bags are amazing so go for it if you want to get one! 
It's quite big so I can carry a lot of crap with me XD as you do!

Tag & awesome lining~

I like the little orb detail on the zippers~

I also got some extra gifts (lashes & rose candies) from the girl I'm buying from (a FB friend) 
That was very sweet. Thank you! <3 

I really want to get a matching wallet now that I have the bag XD 
I'm going to have a look in Arnotts next time I'm in Dublin and see what they have to offer.
Wish I was living in London though...

On another note, my "diet" didn't really go anywhere fuuuu~~
It was just so hard for me because (1)I'm really not a diet person. I love food wayyy too much and (2)I'm too impatient & just have no consistency or self discipline whatsoever "orz 
This time I'm going to try something different, a porridge diet. I realized I quite like porridge and if you're going on a diet, you might as well eat something you like rather than forcing horrible food down your throat. I will let you know how that goes in a while :P *fingers crossed*

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Liz Lisa replica boots review~

Hello everyone, I got these Liz Lisa style boots recently, and I was asked to do a review once I got them. I know they're super popular & I'm sure lots of people would want to know about them so here it is ^^


They came in 2 colours - black & brown, and the material was suede, which is nice and all but it gets on my nerves just as much as velvet does, such as it gets dirty so easily. Especially in black, but I got a pair in black anyway XD because black is my favourite colour & it would go with most of my clothes (which are also in black!) 
I was a little unsure about their sizing, because Chinese sizes are freaking weird tbh (been there, done that). Now I'm normally a size 5UK/7US/38EU/23.5JAPAN. You know that you shop online wayyyy too much when you know ALL about your sizes XD;
But after some googling & thinking, I decided to trust their own sizing chart and went with size 39!!! A little bigger is always better than too small, right? So how did it turn out in the end???

It took them a few days to send the boots out which was fine with me. The delivery itself was pretty fast, about a week or so if I remember right (this is what happens when you don't do the review right away! ^^;) I was provided with a tracking number so I knew my package had ended up in customs. So when they actually arrived, I had to pay the VAT of €13...something which I guess wasn't too bad but still, it added to the cost of the boots. Not happy at all!!! 

But onto the more important things~ the boots fitted me well so I was relieved because the worst thing is buying shoes online and they don't fit so you have to resell them. Quality is great and they're quite comfortable to walk on because the heels aren't too high. I tried walking into town shopping for a couple of hours and it was fine. But of course if you go on for a whole day, your feet will die but this is the same with all kinds of boots I think.

Fitting: 4/5
Comfort: 4/5
Quality: 4.5/5
Price: 5/5
Shipping: 5/5
Service: 5/5

So yeah, if you have any other questions feel free to ask! I've never done a review before XD

Here are a few pictures of me wearing them just so you can see better. FYI I'm only like 5'3" (160cm) so the boots reach just above my knees, so if you're taller I'm not sure how that will look...

I kind of want to get them in brown now as well...We'll see~

PS: Oh and yeah fixed the layout a bit if you haven't noticed yet ^^; I like my background but still need to do something with the bloody header... "orz

Friday, 29 June 2012

New(and not so new) gets!!!

A few Gal-related items I got recently. First up, these 2 lovely dresses from MA*RS (the brand, not the planet!) :P
I'm loving the combination of black x hot pink lately. And of course black x gold is love as always!!

Skirt also from MA*RS~

My dream shoes from JD since a long time ago!!! They would go so well with my 2 new JD dresses! ^^

Also got these JD mules in all black~ very versatile since I own a lot of black stuff.


Fleur de Lis phone charm/keychain from Diavlo!! Amazing quality I have to say!
I know Diavlo is for men (Gyaru-o) but the accessories work just fine for rocker girls~

Actually I wonder if D.I.A and Diavlo are related? The names are similar and their chains are like identical!!!

And last but not least, this fur belt from my favourite brand D.I.A
I got it from an online friend. Thank you if you're reading this! <3 I didn't expect it to arrive until next week! ^^
It has only arrived this morning, and I'm wearing it atm while typing this XD

I'm hoping to get my hands on another fur belt, like this one in white!!! (although white doesn't look too great on me and it gets dirty so easily)

And also this famous Moon belt *drools~*

Still waiting for a few more D.I.A & MA*RS items to arrive. So until next time! 

Don't forget that you can click on the pictures to make them bigger!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Closet Child & Fururun package.

My package from CC should arrive by the end of this week. Here are the few things that I got:

Moi-meme-MoitiƩ Holy Cross headbow in black x blue~
Jesus Diamante rose chiffon neck tie OP~

And this lovely Victorian Maiden overdress~

I also got this JD Antoinette OP from Alice+Fururun! ^^

The JD dresses are totally fine for more casual or even hime Lolita so I will still have new things to wear to meets and such. I hate wearing the same things over and over again XD

Stay tuned for even more new gets!!!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I'm not the type who's into dieting, and I've always been quite happy enough with my figure. I'm not fat, but not skinny either XD Well~ to the Asian standard I am actually on the bigger side *sob sob* but it's the opposite for the Western standard LOL so I'm just juggling in the middle.
But I haven't been too happy with how I look, for a few reasons mainly because I've gained a few kilos recently and it started to freak me out. Most people also know that I'm not that big into Lolita anymore, and Lolita actually compliments my body with absolutely no boobs and big hips XD; I'm more interested in Gal style these days and it's such a pressure to look thinner so I want to try to go for the Calories diet as I think it's the most safe & consistent diet out there. The only thing is that you need to be very patient with this type of diet as you lose weight veryyyyyyy slowly, but surely I hope!

I kinda tested this out before my trip, but I messed it up with too much ice-cream and chocolates XD so I said forget it, I'll try again after coming back from Germany. I'm going to start again tomorrow!
The first 3 days I want to do some sort of detox with fruits and water only to clean out my system first. I know some girls would go for 1~2 weeks but I think that's a bit much, I don't think I can last that long...
Then after that it's the actual diet with no more than 1000 Calories per day. I think it might be hard at first but eventually you'll get used to eating less. Actually I haven't had much of an appetite lately, which is good for losing weight (I've already lost 2 kilos FUCK YES!!!) but at the same time, I feel like I have no energy at all. I feel like a sloth! So the main thing is that don't overdo it, until I've reached my healthy goal weight then I'll start eating normally again to maintain that weight. Stick thin is sick imo.

Anyone who's also doing the Calories Diet?? Please share your tips and advices. How much can you lose in one week and one month?

Until next time~!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A new beginning~

I can't believe it's already been over a year since my last/first post. I guess my blogging plan didn't work out too well (^ - ^;) but I want to make a new start!

I'm currently staying in Frankfurt, Germany with le bf. I arrived on Sunday morning and he picked me up at the airport. I was working on Saturday night until 1am, got home, got changed and just quickly finished packing the last bits and left the house at 4:30am. So of course I was really tired and sleepy. I got a seat right beside the left wing emergency exit door and they said that I will have to be responsible with opening it should something happens, and I was like sureeeee, but then I fell asleep as soon as it took off! XD; The flight was nearly 2 hours and I woke up by the time it was flying above The Netherlands. I wonder when I will visit there again.

I think we slept quite a bit to make up for the lack of sleep, then ordered some Indian take-away, and Game of Thrones marathon!! I can't wait for our Game of Thrones theme meet-up next month. Then yesterday we were gonna go to the supermarket to get a few essential things like shampoo and stuff for myself, but they were all closed and everywhere seemed dead because it was some sort of national holiday??? So we walked around and  Eric showed me the Nintendo building where he's working, and in the end decided to get travel to the airport to shop because the stores there are always opened XD Good things were we could travel freely for free AND his place isn't too far from it. I mean who else goes shopping at the airport like us???

The cleaning lady came by today while he was at work and it was sooo awkward because she could only speak German and I could only speak English! I kinda got "kicked out" so I asked how long will she take? She couldn't say it so she wrote down that it will take 60 minutes LOL so I was like okay, and went out for my morning exercise = walking in circles because I didn't want to get lost XDD I had no make-up on and my hair was still a mess so I put on my sunglasses and went for a stroll in the sun 8-)

It's funny how I've always wanted white pale skin because I didn't like my Asian skin. Perhaps Lolita was a factor to wanting to have that white porcelain doll skin. But ever since I started to have some interests in Gyaru, I've changed my mind and now I think that tanned skin isn't all that bad and it actually might suit me? (I really like Tsuyome style so that explains it) It's definitely easier to work with my make-up anyway! But I don't actively trying to go in the sun for tanning or anything. I just work with whatever I have.

Can't upload the photos until I get home in 2 weeks. I'm waiting for a few packages in the mail too so look forward to the haul posts! I think everyone likes haul posts. I know I do!