Monday, 30 July 2012

Arcade Con 13th~15th July (Part 1)

On the Friday morning, I got up early and drove to the Bus Station to meet with my two other friends whom I was travelling/working and staying at the hotel with. We had breakfast at McDonalds while waiting for the bus to arrive. We took the 10am bus to Dublin, then another bus to where the venue (D-4 Hotel) was. I think we arrived at around 11:30am. Because it wasn't time to check in our hotel rooms yet, we were allowed into the trade hall and started setting up our tables/booth. We had 3 tables and 1 clothing rail to share between us. I took up like 2/3 of the space though because I had a lot more stock. It was really tiring to be honest, even though the money wasn't too bad by the end of the weekend. Packing & unpacking/setting up is the worst part here. I just wanted to throw it all away and go back to bed XD
Anyway we were sort of done within an hour...or two, so we went to check in and put our personal belongings into the hotel rooms. I cried my eyes out again while putting on my circle lenses in the bathroom ;~; I will never get used to lenses so I think I'm pretty much done with them after this. They're very bad for my eyes, and my eyesight is already quite bad.
We went back down because it was nearly time to start. We expected it to be very slow since it was only Friday, but I don't think it was too bad.

Too early for zombies...I was a zombie myself!!! (x __ x)

I really liked them, because I'm a Star Wars fan XD
After seeing their outfits, I kinda want to make one for myself but with some Steampunk/Lolita elements to it? I think it might work because of the colour scheme.

I haven't seen the new Batman movie yet! Have you?? I will probably go see it this week or next week if I can find someone to go with. Le bf wants to go with me but he's not here.
Foreveralone.jpg ;~;

Lady Loki~

With Mini Thor here. Too cute! <3

 I only took a few photos of the cosplays because I was mostly interested in the superheroes/movies ones really. 

Afterwards, we were trying to figure out where to go for food. We were gonna order Pizza but long story short, we ran out of time and were starving to death so we decided to just go out to find a closest place to get food. We found a chipper about 5 minutes walk away that was a little bit weird but the food was really nice. Or maybe we were just too hungry to care XD I got Taco fries and that's what I got for 3 days in a row so no wonder I gained like half a kilo (> n <;)
Apparently Taco fries is the Irish thing, as in you can only get it in Ireland??? Seriously, because it's the best thing EVER!!! While I was in Germany, I wanted to get it but Eric was like what the hell is that because he never heard of it before in his life and he was sure that they wouldn't have it in Germany. Boo hiss~ I really wanted my Taco fries...

We got food and went back to our hotel room. Oh yeah, a friend from Scotland came as well, and his friend from Cork. So there were 5 of us. Then it was time for the evening events "Night of the Living Cabret" with some drag queen shows, burlesque shows, live music & karaoke. Maybe I was really tired, I just couldn't focus so I went outside to the bar to have a drink with a friend. I got ripped off with €6 for one bottle of Smirnoff Ice. Jesus Christ! But it was a 4 stars hotel apparently so yeah should have known. Not to mention, I got ID'd as well and because I didn't expect it, it took me ages to find my age card! And the friend standing beside me was like 8 YEARS younger than me and the barman didn't say anything. (=__=") I guess it's a compliment that I still look 16/17...

After the drink, I went back inside to join with my group and we stayed until the end. Then I think we went to bed after that because it'll be a long day on Saturday. I passed out almost instantly!!

Part 2 tomorrow!!! ^^

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