Sunday, 22 July 2012

Liz Lisa replica boots review~

Hello everyone, I got these Liz Lisa style boots recently, and I was asked to do a review once I got them. I know they're super popular & I'm sure lots of people would want to know about them so here it is ^^


They came in 2 colours - black & brown, and the material was suede, which is nice and all but it gets on my nerves just as much as velvet does, such as it gets dirty so easily. Especially in black, but I got a pair in black anyway XD because black is my favourite colour & it would go with most of my clothes (which are also in black!) 
I was a little unsure about their sizing, because Chinese sizes are freaking weird tbh (been there, done that). Now I'm normally a size 5UK/7US/38EU/23.5JAPAN. You know that you shop online wayyyy too much when you know ALL about your sizes XD;
But after some googling & thinking, I decided to trust their own sizing chart and went with size 39!!! A little bigger is always better than too small, right? So how did it turn out in the end???

It took them a few days to send the boots out which was fine with me. The delivery itself was pretty fast, about a week or so if I remember right (this is what happens when you don't do the review right away! ^^;) I was provided with a tracking number so I knew my package had ended up in customs. So when they actually arrived, I had to pay the VAT of €13...something which I guess wasn't too bad but still, it added to the cost of the boots. Not happy at all!!! 

But onto the more important things~ the boots fitted me well so I was relieved because the worst thing is buying shoes online and they don't fit so you have to resell them. Quality is great and they're quite comfortable to walk on because the heels aren't too high. I tried walking into town shopping for a couple of hours and it was fine. But of course if you go on for a whole day, your feet will die but this is the same with all kinds of boots I think.

Fitting: 4/5
Comfort: 4/5
Quality: 4.5/5
Price: 5/5
Shipping: 5/5
Service: 5/5

So yeah, if you have any other questions feel free to ask! I've never done a review before XD

Here are a few pictures of me wearing them just so you can see better. FYI I'm only like 5'3" (160cm) so the boots reach just above my knees, so if you're taller I'm not sure how that will look...

I kind of want to get them in brown now as well...We'll see~

PS: Oh and yeah fixed the layout a bit if you haven't noticed yet ^^; I like my background but still need to do something with the bloody header... "orz


  1. Thank you so much for the Review!
    I was waiting for this :D they look so great and seem to be good quality as well!

    1. You're welcome! <3
      Sorry for the delay~ They're definitely very good for what you pay so I recommend them!

  2. I love your new style, but please don't give up RORI <3
    Also, I've nominated you to win an award, please look at my blog ^-^!

  3. where did you order these boots??? ive been looking everywhere for them!!! omg ><

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  5. Just saw your comment on Tobi's post and thought I would check out your blog~ No creeper but you have a really nice figure. XD