Friday, 29 June 2012

New(and not so new) gets!!!

A few Gal-related items I got recently. First up, these 2 lovely dresses from MA*RS (the brand, not the planet!) :P
I'm loving the combination of black x hot pink lately. And of course black x gold is love as always!!

Skirt also from MA*RS~

My dream shoes from JD since a long time ago!!! They would go so well with my 2 new JD dresses! ^^

Also got these JD mules in all black~ very versatile since I own a lot of black stuff.


Fleur de Lis phone charm/keychain from Diavlo!! Amazing quality I have to say!
I know Diavlo is for men (Gyaru-o) but the accessories work just fine for rocker girls~

Actually I wonder if D.I.A and Diavlo are related? The names are similar and their chains are like identical!!!

And last but not least, this fur belt from my favourite brand D.I.A
I got it from an online friend. Thank you if you're reading this! <3 I didn't expect it to arrive until next week! ^^
It has only arrived this morning, and I'm wearing it atm while typing this XD

I'm hoping to get my hands on another fur belt, like this one in white!!! (although white doesn't look too great on me and it gets dirty so easily)

And also this famous Moon belt *drools~*

Still waiting for a few more D.I.A & MA*RS items to arrive. So until next time! 

Don't forget that you can click on the pictures to make them bigger!


  1. OMG those JD Shoes are my favourite ones too!
    Forever jealous *drools* <3
    Also the Moon belt is amazing D:

  2. Ah, I am glad you already got the belt! Is it okay to not expose my real name? XD Sorry!
    But wow you got a lot of stuff, I am jealous almost ; ;

    1. Ah, I'm sorry. I guess some people don't like that ^^; *edited*
      I've been selling a lot of my Lolita wardrobe, so I need to buy new things to make it up XD

  3. Wow, I can imagine those shoes are your dreamshoes, they look gorgeos ♥

  4. hello I'm Vendy, and I am your new follower.
    what do you think to follow each other?
    I adore your blog