Friday, 19 August 2011

First post finally!!!

So I've made this new blog for a while now, but I've been having trouble figuring out on how to use it, because I've never used a Blogspot before! XD So for the time being, this layout will do. I will change it later to something more suitable.

This is my old blog:
Well, I still use it from time to time for more personal stuff, I made this new public blog with the intention of having a separate blog focuses on fashion and travelling related stuff (^-^) I hope you will enjoy it, and I'd love to meet many new friends with similar interests! <3

A short description of myself: My name is Vicky (aka Makoto or Mako to some of my friends) I'm a 3rd year fashion design student, living and studying in Ireland. So obviously my biggest interests are shopping & fashion. I'm into a lot of different Japanese styles (lolita, VK, goth/punk, steampunk, himegyaru, dolly-kei...but mainly lolita), as well as high street and haute couture...I believe as a fashion designer, I shouldn't limit myself and experiment all different styles out there. Even so, I still suffer from creative blocks all the time, like now! Which is why I'm sitting here rambling instead of finishing the designs for my last collection "orz

That's all for now! <3


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  1. hi vicky!

    welcome to blogspot ^o^
    thanks a lot for entering my giveaway! just make sure to follow me via google friend connect for a valid entry ;)

    it's super cool that you're a fashion designer :o i'd love to see some of your designs!!

    i hope you're having a great weekend!