Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A new beginning~

I can't believe it's already been over a year since my last/first post. I guess my blogging plan didn't work out too well (^ - ^;) but I want to make a new start!

I'm currently staying in Frankfurt, Germany with le bf. I arrived on Sunday morning and he picked me up at the airport. I was working on Saturday night until 1am, got home, got changed and just quickly finished packing the last bits and left the house at 4:30am. So of course I was really tired and sleepy. I got a seat right beside the left wing emergency exit door and they said that I will have to be responsible with opening it should something happens, and I was like sureeeee, but then I fell asleep as soon as it took off! XD; The flight was nearly 2 hours and I woke up by the time it was flying above The Netherlands. I wonder when I will visit there again.

I think we slept quite a bit to make up for the lack of sleep, then ordered some Indian take-away, and Game of Thrones marathon!! I can't wait for our Game of Thrones theme meet-up next month. Then yesterday we were gonna go to the supermarket to get a few essential things like shampoo and stuff for myself, but they were all closed and everywhere seemed dead because it was some sort of national holiday??? So we walked around and  Eric showed me the Nintendo building where he's working, and in the end decided to get travel to the airport to shop because the stores there are always opened XD Good things were we could travel freely for free AND his place isn't too far from it. I mean who else goes shopping at the airport like us???

The cleaning lady came by today while he was at work and it was sooo awkward because she could only speak German and I could only speak English! I kinda got "kicked out" so I asked how long will she take? She couldn't say it so she wrote down that it will take 60 minutes LOL so I was like okay, and went out for my morning exercise = walking in circles because I didn't want to get lost XDD I had no make-up on and my hair was still a mess so I put on my sunglasses and went for a stroll in the sun 8-)

It's funny how I've always wanted white pale skin because I didn't like my Asian skin. Perhaps Lolita was a factor to wanting to have that white porcelain doll skin. But ever since I started to have some interests in Gyaru, I've changed my mind and now I think that tanned skin isn't all that bad and it actually might suit me? (I really like Tsuyome style so that explains it) It's definitely easier to work with my make-up anyway! But I don't actively trying to go in the sun for tanning or anything. I just work with whatever I have.

Can't upload the photos until I get home in 2 weeks. I'm waiting for a few packages in the mail too so look forward to the haul posts! I think everyone likes haul posts. I know I do!


  1. Oh poor you, I feel sorry for the experience with the cleaning lady XD I think if they kicked me out I would have been all grumpy, especially in the morning haha.

    But I am glad you made it here safely. Hope you can have some fun. And yeah, everything is closed on national holidays, that's kinda the worst about daily life here.

    I also always wanted to keep my skin pale! But I have pale skin and can't be bothered to tan much. I will try to spend more time outside this summer ^^ Hope you'll have some sunny days in Frankfurt, too.

    1. I didn't really know what to do because the woman seemed really nice XD I should learn a bit of German after this.

      It's really sunny and warm over here. I wouldn't mind if the temperature goes down a bit because I hate being all sweaty the whole time!

      I'll probably go into the city for some shopping. Hopefully there will be some nice stuff but I don't have much to spend so we'll have to see ^^;

  2. I have the same problems with my skin too. There are times when I really want to look a little bit more tanned and then again I'm happy I'm pale.

    I hope you have a nice time in Frankfurt. Do you move from Livejournal to blogspot completely?

    1. You look good with pale skin though :)

      Thank you! Not completely no, I will mostly blog on here so more people who don't have a LJ can read about what I am doing, but the more private ranting stuff will still go to LJ :P

  3. Yes we had bank holiday ^^ Beware, next week we do have a bank holiday again ( 7th june )
    Wow your bf has a cleaning lady? Awesome, I need one XD

    Did you find something nice to buy in the city?

    1. Oh so it's also called Bank Holiday here in Germany :D
      Don't you have one? I think he pays €450/month for rent, electricity, water and the cleaning lady XD It's the whole package! She doesn't do the dishes though so I had to do that myself LOL

      We didn't go into the city yet because he's been working, so probably this Saturday. Do you have anywhere you'd recommend?
      Oh and where do you want to meet on the 9th? I guess somewhere in the city that is convenient for us both.

  4. Again sorry for the late reply. Hope you had a nice Saturday in the city.

    €450/month is a pretty good price! I am paying more for my flat. I don´t know personally anyone who has a cleaning lady. It´s not very common here to have one and it´s rarely included in the monthly expenses for rent. So normally if you want a person for cleaning you usually have to put up a search ad and pay extra for that. Your bf is lucky!

    Please let´s discuss our meet via LJ or mail ^^